Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Check it Out

Monday, November 16, 2009

One More Reason

As if I needed another reason to love Target, they are now offering 5 cent discounts for customers who bring their own shopping bags. As far as big box stores go, Target is among the more socially responsible stores. (Along these lines, Whole Foods also offers a bag discount, and Trader Joe's offers the chance to win a $10 gift card for customers who bring their own bags.)

Now, if only someone can invent an environmentally friendly alternative to the Magic Eraser.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dog beds

These are brilliant. You stuff a mesh sack full of old blankets, pillows, or clothing, that otherwise would have been destined for a landfill. You buy a pretty duvet to cover it all up, and you have a (not really all that expensive) dog bed. I'm guessing a crafty person could even find a way to make this from scratch. Mostly, we donate used clothing that we don't wear any more, but there's some stuff that's just so ratty or embarrassing that not even Goodwill wants it. Stained beach towels come to mind.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Green Sword

Okay . . . I know I wrote about my 5 year old yesterday, I will make entries without stories about the kids - although I see their actions as a product of their environment (get it?).

Noah is a big advocate for recycling, conservation etc., so he was greatly dismayed to see his friend leave a flashlight on in full daylight. As he tried to turn it off the friend told him no. Noah told him that it was "wasting the battery". His friend insisted that there were more batteries at his house. I half-expected Noah to say something about how they don't grow on trees . . .

Just another reminder that the power we uses comes from somewhere. It is very easy to ignore this. Until recently I could not tell you where the electricity in my home was produced. I couldn't tell you what type of power it was!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My 5 year old son scolded me yesterday evening - "You wasted gas Dad."

My fatal error.

Months ago . . . Noah tried to get me to start the car, for no particular reason as we waiting for someone. I told him that we don't let the car run if we're not using it, because it wastes gas.
It's getting cold here in Alaska as fall turns into winter . . . I wonder how many people will get an education about gas consumption from Noah in the next few months.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Speaking of the Library...

I'm a fan of our local library on Facebook, which means I get updates on interesting events and offerings there.

This information was made available to me through the library's facebook status today:

50 Power Check Energy Meters from Xcel Energy will be available for check out at Hennepin County libraries. The meters are easy to use and can be plugged into any standard 120-volt electric appliance to measure voltage, electricity cost, and electric consumption. Hennepin County Commissioner Randy Johnson, 5th District, said, "Whatever you believe about global warming and climate change, everyone should be interested in saving some money by using less energy." The meters are packaged in a kit that also contains information booklets and a USB cord to upload data to your computer (optional).

Power Check Meters may be reserved online through the Hennepin County Library catalog (keyword search on Power Check) for pick up at any Hennepin County Library (Nokomis and Plymouth are closed for construction).

So, there you go. Yet another reason to love the library.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Green Expos

I ran across for Hennepin County's upcoming Green Expos when I was at the library today. Have I mentioned my love for our public library? I love, love, love the library. Anyway, if you live in Hennepin County, check out the link. If you don't, maybe there's a green expo in your neck of the woods?