Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cereal bags? Really?!

OK, this is not something I would have thought up on my own, but it's smart both from an environmental perspective and a money-saving angle. I read about it in Fine Cooking magazine. Their readers suggested that when you're done with a box of cereal, you keep the inner lining/bag to rinse and reuse. One reader uses these bags in place of waxed paper (by cutting them open), and another uses them to pound meat (by putting the meat inside the bag). Brilliant, right? I'm sure there are probably cost and environmental savings to just buying the huge bags of cereal instead of boxes, but in the spirit of "use what you've got," I think most of us have at least a few boxes of cereal in the cabinet. So, once my son polishes off his next box of Cheerios, I'll give him the box for his play kitchen, and I'll keep the liner for another purpose.

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  1. And for quilters out there, the cereal box cardboard is perfect for templates...! ;)