Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall Cleaning

When our family's sole functional computer died suddenly last week, we took advantage of the opportunity to clean up all of our extraneous computer paraphernalia.  We may attempt to sell the newish monitor and speakers from our desktop on ebay, but we realize, sadly, that the two dusty laptops in the closet were long past useful.  Enter Best Buy's electronics recycling program, which will take two items per household per day.  See the link for frequently asked questions, including an instructional video (thrilling, really) about how to remove a hard drive from a laptop.  They also accept items other than electronics (see the FAQs), and they have provided links for items they don't accept.  The keyboard and mouse from our old computer have been repurposed as toddler toys for the moment, but they seem to have lost their thrill now that they're not verboten.  Of course.

A few years ago, we used this program to donate/recycle our old cell phones to one of our favorite causes.

Just think of what you could do with the extra space in your house created by getting rid of all your electronic junk!

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